By filling out the form below I pledge to not drive distracted. As part of this pledge, I commit to:

• Stop texting, emailing, using social media or using a cell phone or other device in any other way while driving.

• Be an example of one who follows this pledge and encourages others to do the same.

• Avoid texting or interacting with friends when I know they are driving.

• Do my very best to keep this pledge.

• Feel great knowing I am saving lives by not driving distracted.

I understand that each time I use a cell phone or other device while driving, I am putting my passengers and other citizens in danger. I will be part of the solution by keeping the roads safe by being a safe and aware driver.

When I drive, I will remember the slogan of "Heads Up, Thumbs Up" to remind me to not drive distracted.


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Latest Pledges

by PeterSup, Sankt_Pewterburg
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by Kirk And Annie Kinservik, Boulder City Nevada
Thanks Utah, Great Idea, No Hand Held Cell use in Nevada, We just check msg when not driving ,never know you might save a kids life.

by alan sankowski, st. george

by Britney O\'Brien, St George

by Lindsy L Smith, St. George
I work for the police department and my husband is an officer. We deal with distracted drivers daily and they often result in terrible accidents. This is a great program!

by Brook C Price, St George
I ride a scooter daily and feel particularly vulnerable when watching people text while driving. I appreciate the work SGPD is doing to help keep me and my family safe by enforcing the "no-distractions while driving" law.

by Stan Parrish, Highland
I took the pledge a long time ago... just wanted to make it public once again!

by Cavan Helps, Orem

by Cindy Bell, Spanish Fork

by Spencer W, Provo

by Nicole Westmoreland, Bear River City
I took this pledge A LONG time ago after a friend of ours got hit by a girl texting and driving! IT CAN WAIT! I am not in St. George, but am HAPPY to pledge this!!!

by Todd Bliss, Roy

by Christy Hawkes, Tremonton

by Jenny Peterson, Layton
I will no longer be distracted by my phone while driving!

by Adam R Swenson, 84660

by xxxxxxxx, HOLLADAY

by Scott Miller, West Jordan

by Bliss Sawyer, Lehi

by Angela Jones, Grantsville

by Meagan, Payson

by Kelly Parker, ST. GEORGE

by Brigitte Chatelain, St. George

by Ginger Skaley, Park City

by Justin Boschetti, Orem

by Dave N, Farmington
With the new law in place at midnight, here's hoping it helps.

by Deb Cope, Santa Clara

by Kira Facer, College Station
Supporting "Heads Up Thumbs Up" from College Station, TX! Stay safe my friends!

by Ruston Wilcox, saint george
Yea for no distracted driving

by Becky Jones, St George

by Paul Linford, St. George

by Zack Alvey, St George
I want my students to stay safe on the roads. I will keep my heads up and thumbs up.

by Jentry Nielsen, St. George

by Sandie Divan, St. George
Love that this is going on. I have in the past tried to operate my phone and drive and found it to not be the safest. After that, I knew there was no way I could pay attention to the phone and drive at the same time.

by xxxxxxxx, stgeorge ut

by Morgan J., SLC

by xxxxxxxx, St George

by tim coleman, syracuse

by Amy Ostler, Layton

by Speeding Texter, St Geezy
I pledge to take it easy on my texting while speeding.

by xxxxxxxx, Washington

by Cathie Dix, St. George

by xxxxxxxx, Santa Clara

by Cameron Cutler, St. George

by Josh Perry, Highland, UT
Driving is so mind-numbingly boring and so it is really easy to get into the habit of using my device when traffic flows as expected. However, when there's an unexpected maneuver, accident in traffic, jogger, child running into the street; I would _not_ be able to avoid it. I don't want to kill someone; no life is worth losing for my entertainment.

by Cecilia Aragon, Ogden, Utah
I pledge to for the safety of my self and others.

by Ryan Pringle, Ogden
Thinking of your loved ones or others' loved ones as the video on the main page did really hits home. It's so simple and yet people still do it...

by Rae, St George Utah
I to pledge to not use any tech device while driving on any highways or freeways

by kc zeeman, saint george
people plzz do not text and drive be smart and drive not text and drive

by xxxxxxxx, St. George

by Angela Johnson, Washington