Car comes to rest on traffic island near Dixie Drive interchange with I-15, St. George, Utah, Dec. 226, 2013 | Photo by Michael Flynn, St. George News

ST. GEORGE – A car became stuck atop landscape boulders decorating the traffic island near the southbound on-ramp of the Dixie Drive-I-15 interchange in St. George.

At around 7:50 p.m. on Thursday, the driver of the car became distracted and lost control of her vehicle, St. George Police Officer Jared Carlson said.

The driver was heading north on Dixie Drive and drifted out of her lane before colliding with the rocks, Carlson said.

“She was just coming back from work,” he said. “She got distracted and looked down for a second.”

Drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the accident, Carlson said. The vehicle was not in drivable condition and it was towed from the scene. The driver of the car was cited for improper lane travel.

This report is based on preliminary information provided by the police and may not contain the full scope of findings.


Written by on December 26, 2013
Photo by Michael Flynn, St. George News
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